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Business Continuity Amid COVID-19

I have had some apprehension making a post about how NSAO's cloud based services can help in the on-going COVID-19 crisis as some will likely take it as being opportunistic of a terrible situation. But now is the time to do all we can to help each other out. Since a large factor in limiting potential deaths has to do with working remotely many cloud technologies can help us work from home.

Many of our existing clients are already on the NSAO Cloud IT Solutions platform. A major benefit has been that these clients are able to easily work from securely anywhere using their Cloud Desktop and Phone. Also due to most of the services being billed in a utility model they are able to easily turn up and down additional staff with ease and little to no capital investment in hardware.

We also understand at the same time some have reservations about using the cloud. And as our solutions are not one size fits all we always like to invest up front time with a potential new client to discuss other options such as a hybrid approach. A hybrid approach can give some of the same great benefits to those that wish to keep more of their own on-premise servers.

As you can imagine with all these solutions being in high demand right now we are receiving a lot of new projects but we are striving to help everyone in a timely fashion. If you think some of these solutions could be of benefit contact us today.

"Kindness is the best form of humanity." Doris Lee

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